The 5 Rules in Schools

Improve the culture at your school, encourage staff and students, improve performance, and create an environment that fosters learning.

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Learn how Houma Junior High School in Louisiana saw improvements in academics and reduced formal write - ups:

For what it is worth, we also have a very high rate of teacher retention. I think the 5 rules contributed to that by settling the campus and attracting like-minded people. They are versatile and very easy to communicate and apply."

Jason Corbin, Houma Junior High Principal, Houma, Louisiana


Overall growth on State Assessment Index – 72 to 74.9
Departments: Three of four core departs grew
ELA 73.2 to 87.5
Social Studies 62.7 to 66.3




Formal Write – ups in 2018 – 19 3258
Introduced 5 rules 19 – 20 (school year was cut short)
2020 – 21 – 1035
2021 – 22 – 1090

Extracurricular Involvement:

I have found that promoting the 5 rules has changed the dynamic in the classroom and on the field.

Students are encouraged to simply do their jobs, not cause issues, and represent our school well. These ideas have led students to “buy in” to the school community and have encouraged them to always do their best. In the classroom and on the field, our students are Bulldogs! “

Jonathan Rippetoe, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Assistant Football Coach

The 5 rules of success have really helped our school and football team.

The first season our school used the 5 rules, we were 2- 4. The following season I implemented these rules on the team. The boys were held accountable. We finished the season 5- 2. I have continued to use these rules on the team. We have accomplished 3 straight undefeated seasons and won the district championship. I believe the rules have helped us accomplish these feats.”

Ricky Darcey, HJH Head Football Coach

Interested in implementing The 5 Rules in your school?