Dax Graham Black

What is your rain

What is your rain? As a part-time farm hand during the harvest seasons, the steps leading to the harvest itself are just as crucial as

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46 Years – 4.6 Decades – 16,790 Days

July 31, 1977 was the beginning of my lifelong journey with Melanie Janell Roll. Today – July 31, 2022 is 45 years, 4 and 1/2 decades and 16,425 days into that journey. As we stood in front of a packed church in Clinton, Oklahoma in 1977 – on that day so many years ago holding hands

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why she was the best teacher I ever had….

I believe that everyone has that ONE teacher that changed them. Believed in them. Encouraged them. Helped them to believe in themselves, maybe for the first time. That ONE teacher for me was my Jr. High & Sr. High English teacher, Mrs. Sarah C. Turney. Melanie and I have remained in contact with Mrs. Turney’s

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lessons from cutting firewood ….

About eighteen years ago – I had an awesome idea. My boys were teenagers and we’d always bought firewood. It made sense to me that we could cut our own and actually make money. I did some research on chainsaws, bought one, an extra chain, gas can, 2-cycle and chain oil and gloves.

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