If you’re looking for brighter days – follow The 5 Rules!!

Looking For Brighter Days?

If you’d like to order some of the 8 new varieties of the Gatr Cups with The 5 Rules on them – click the link below.


You can get your company logo or family name/letter on the opposite side and get nice discounts when you buy a case or more!


Coming out in early 2023

The 5 Rules in print, eBook and an Audio Book!

The 5 Rules are a simple set of five expected behaviors that once you truly understand the depth and simplicity of them, you can implement them into your daily lives and in all your relationships.

Each Chapter will include a series of life leadership lessons that will help you live the rule – only better!


Stay tuned for further announcements and how to order the book early!

Business Offerings

  1. Advisory Boards
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Executive Team Coaching
  4. Business Coaching
  5. Individual Life Coaching

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