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Transforming the way people connect and collaborate

We are passionate about strengthing connections, developing leaders, revolutionizing relationships, and transforming any culture with simple principles.

Our mission is to empower positive change among people based on The 5 Rules.

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Office Hours Interview with David Meltzer and Blaine Bartlett

Dr. John C. Maxwell

I first met Steve eight years ago at one of my executive events in Atlanta. He became a member of my inner circle and I coached and mentored him

Dr. John C. Maxwell, American Author, Speaker & Pastor

At dinner during that first event, I challenged him to write a set of 5 rules he could teach and coach from, and he did just that. Those 5 foundational behavior rules he follows, his teams follow, and his family has followed over these last eight years is legacy building at its best.

Now to see it come to life in his first book is thrilling to me. As I always say, leadership is influence, and he’s used his influence to lead thousands of team members in the grocery companies he’s led across the country since then…

author, coach, and leader

Meet Steve Black, CEO of A Brighter Day.Life

As a leader and mentor, Steve believes that cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome will bring out the best in the people around you.

He is a continuing student of leadership practices and a coach, uniting teams with a solid culture of a leveled playing field of unity and inspiration in the face of the most challenging of times.

Steve Black is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

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The 5 Rules by Stephen D. Black

Leaders want results, but only 5% have plans in place to develop their teams. It doesn’t take a complex plan to create transformation — it just needs The 5 Rules.

Based on over 45 years of leading thousands of employees, Steve Black has distilled essential principles that produce results into this one book. Unlock the potential within yourself or in others by introducing these five rules into all aspects of life — you won’t regret it!

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