The 5 Rules Book

Rock Solid Expectations to Transform Your Culture

Leaders want results, but only 5% have plans in place to develop their teams. It doesn't take a complex plan to create transformation — it just needs The 5 Rules.

Based on over 45 years of leading thousands of employees, Steve Black has distilled essential principles that produce results into this one book. Unlock the potential within yourself or in others by introducing these five rules into all aspects of life — you won't regret it!

For families looking to strengthen generational bonds or individuals searching for personal growth, these five rules can revolutionize any life they're applied to. Make your organization, family, and yourself successful with The Five Rules today!

The 5 Rules are a simple set of five expected behaviors. Once you truly understand the depth and simplicity of them, you can implement them into your daily life and in all your relationships and transform your culture.

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Your purchase makes a difference.

We will be making an annual donation to Dillon International in our daughter Taylor’s name to help other families with the cost of adoption from the proceeds from book sales!

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