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A Brighter Day.Life is devoted to helping people and companies with personal growth and implementing simple leadership principles. Embark on a journey to build strong relationships and cultures. We help leaders strengthen interactions with others through careful practice and meaningful understanding, improving both themselves in life and those around them.

The 5 Rules is an integral part of our mission and foundation. It is the core of how we interact with others, in business and personally.

Meet Steve Black, CEO of A Brighter Day.Life

With 45 years of expertise in the retail grocery arena, Steve Black has had a remarkable career. He’s been an integral part of companies that are true innovators and trailblazers, such as Rouses Markets, Lucky’s Farmers Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, and Sunflower Farmers Markets, to name a few.

His leadership-focused mindset and hands-on experience have enabled him to contribute valuable insights at every turn-impacting businesses through coaching & training teams dedicated towards personal growth on both individual & organizational levels.

Steve Black and his wife, Melanie, along with their daughter Taylor live in Colorado and enjoy spending time outdoors on their four – wheelers, trout fishing, photography, and traveling to see their two sons, daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Author, Coach, and Leader

Steve Black is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

2nd generation authors

Jared Stephen Black

Born into and raised in the retail grocery business in western Oklahoma, Jared is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and serving others. In 1996, at the age of 15, Jared began his career sacking groceries, and growing from there, he has served in nearly every position at the store level. In 2001, working as an Assistant Store Manager, he pursued a new direction by joining the Technology department for United Supermarkets, where he found his enthusiasm for technology in the grocery business.

After several years in the United IT department, he seized an opportunity to become the IT manager for Buy for Less, a 14-store chain in Oklahoma City, where he implemented and supported various technology solutions. After 3 years, Jared was promoted to Director of Technology. While serving as IT Director for Buy for Less, Jared continued to drive innovation for the business, maintaining all critical infrastructure. In 2014, Jared joined Truno Retail Technology Solutions, based in Lubbock, TX. Jared established and led the back office department for several years before transitioning to the sales team, serving as Vice President, Solution Sales. A position he still holds today. Jared understands retailers and is able to guide them through consultative discovery, goal determination, and streamlining processes.

Jared, and his wife of 22 years, Beth, as well as their two boys, Dax, 16, and Brody, 12, reside in Texas. Jared’s favorite activities are spending time with his family, watching the boys play baseball or show livestock, playing golf, and fishing.

To quote John Maxwell: “Find yourself in your passion, lose yourself in your purpose.”

My passion is technology in the grocery retail industry, and my purpose is serving others.

Travis Douglas Black

Travis is the General Manager at Shottenkirk Chevrolet in Waukee, IA. He has spent over sixteen years in the car business, starting out in Oklahoma, moving to Kansas and now in Iowa. He has been instrumental in growing the respective businesses throughout his journey and each step of the way, he’s left a positive wake with everyone he’s worked with over the years. He started in the online sales area of the business, other roles include sales manager, used car sales manager, store manager, general manager along with even owning his own business. As stated below, he understands it’s all about people and the ability to lead through example and tried and true success philosophies.

Team building is the most important element of creating an environment for people to succeed. People are the true key to success and helping lead by creating rules and guidelines for the team and inspiring them to reach higher day in and day out is a cornerstone of success. Anyone can be a boss; it takes someone special to be a leader. His mantra has always been, “If you concentrate on making everyone around you successful, then you never have to worry about your own success. It’ll be there.

Leadership is core to who Travis is and what he focuses on day in and day out in the business. His coaching style is similar to all the life lessons he’s learned playing sports throughout his lifetime. As he says, “When the coach starts to ignore you, you need to pay attention, he no longer believes you are coachable”. He knows this and has always tried to be coachable!

Travis is busy with his wife Sarah, raising their four girls, Avayah, Addie, Amelia, and Annabella. They enjoy the outdoors every time they can get out and he is also an avid golfer and fisherman!

3rd generation authors

Dax Graham Black

Dax Black, a dynamic and industrious young individual, a high school student with an admirable array of skills and passions. Born in central Oklahoma and raised in west Texas, Dax has cultivated a deep connection with the land and a profound appreciation for the agricultural way of life.

During his summer breaks, Dax embraces his roots by immersing himself in the world of farming. As a diligent and capable farm hand, Dax’s most significant summer activity is running a combine during wheat harvest. With a firm grip of the steering wheel and a keen understanding of machinery’s intricate workings, Dax fearlessly navigates the golden fields, ensuring a bountiful harvest. His ability to handle the combine with precision and efficiency is a testament to his natural talent and his unwavering dedication to his job.

Beyond his involvement in the agricultural realm, Dax possesses a deep passion for raising and showing pigs. With meticulous care and a genuine love for the animals, he has honed his skills in pig showmanship, consistently producing top-quality livestock.

Dax Black is not only a budding farmer and pig enthusiast but also a young man with a remarkable spirit. His unwavering work ethic, passion for agriculture, and commitment to excellence set him apart. With a bright future ahead, Dax’s journey promises to be one of continued growth, resilience, and achievement.

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