above all else…..

I don’t believe you can talk about legacy without talking about what you believe to be the single most important teaching that you can give.

King Solomon, from the Old Testament, was quoted for many things. He was the King of Israel from 970 BC to 931 BC. He was the second child of David & Bathsheba. He was very wealthy and considered by many to be the wisest man who ever lived.

Written in the early chapters of Proverbs, he was giving advice to one of his sons. In Chapter 4 of that writing he said: Above all else………

I want to stop here.

Think about that for a minute. The wisest and richest man to live in those times was about to tell you something that would be placed above everything.

You’d want to listen carefully.

I can visualize everyone in his audience looking up, paying careful attention to the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

Are you ready?

He said, “Above All Else, Guard Your Heart!

Guard your heart. Guard your heart. Guard your heart.

To me, that means be very careful what you allow yourself to be in love with. What you allow yourself to be caught emotionally by. Everyone that’s experienced much in life has witnessed people make some horrible decisions. You’d have to agree, it most likely would get back to letting something take over their emotions that really wasn’t good for them or their relationships. We’ve also witnessed a number of people who were controlled by something that should never control anyone.

In 2014 I attended my first live conference with John Maxwell. If you know me at all, you know that I highly respect John, his life and his legacy. Today, to me, John would be a King Solomon. Very wise, very wealthy.

At the end of the conference, we had the opportunity to ask him anything we wanted to. I asked John, in the vein of the story of King Solomon and this teaching, how would he finish this statement? Above All Else…..

He said, “Wow, that’s a great question!”

After a few moments of thinking about this – he replied; “Above All Else, Be true to yourself”.

He went on to say that most people are so busy trying to please everyone around them, they don’t remain true to their convictions and their own self. Many people would probably say something along these same lines as well.

So, I ask you.

How would you finish this statement, “Above all else….?“

Think about it like this. In one minute, you’re going to die. Your family is at your bedside. You’ve said the last “I Love You’s”, and “I will miss you’s”. But you know you have to leave them something that they can carry the rest of their lives. Something that will give them courage, wisdom and strength anytime they think about it.

What would you say with your last breath?

Here is my answer:

Above All Else, “Be coachable and kind!”

If you’re always trying to learn as much as possible about your profession and role, AND, you’re kind to everyone along the way; you’ll be in a pretty good place throughout your life’s journey.

Being coachable means you’re not arrogant and don’t think you know everything.

Being coachable means you listen.

Being coachable means you’re always in learning mode.

Being coachable means you want to do better.

Being coachable means you know you can be better.

If you know me – everything I teach can be applied at work and at home. Think about each of these places when you think about being coachable.

Kind speaks for itself, it’s a variation of my Rule #2 – Be Nice. The only thing I’d add here is; to everyone. Always. No matter what.

I shared this with one of our directors at work recently and he sent me the link below. I love this video. Pretty much says it all.

Humble & Kind

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