Melanie Black

Melanie Black

Melanie grew up in western Oklahoma, as a 4th generation privileged to grow up on a working cattle and pig farm where they also raised wheat, cotton, and alfalfa. It was a small farming community where family was close, friends abundant and a great love for God and country was a given. She graduated from Arapaho High School and attended Southwestern State University. Marriage, work and raising a family filled her busy days with satisfaction and joy.

She has gladly made their house into a home wherever her husband’s job has taken them in Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, and Colorado where they now reside. Exploring a new home state, discovering the history and culture of the people, and making new lifetime friends makes the journey exciting!

Believing the best in people, giving grace, do-overs and compassion for others are traits Melanie considers non-negotiable. She often quotes:

  • Life is about choices, and we must realize that every single choice will result in a consequence.
  • Be kind for you never really know what someone else is struggling with at that moment.
  • Everything in life is a trade-off, choose wisely.
  • Life is short – take that trip, read that book, visit that friend, eat that dessert, tell your loved ones how important they are to you.
  • Laugh loud and long. Cry. Cry until the tears run dry.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • The journey IS the destination!

A country girl at heart, Melanie enjoys activities outdoors, playing the piano, decorating, reading, writing, watching any adventure show, snowy days by the fireplace at her home in the Rocky Mountains, exploring trails off the beaten path in the jeep or ATV, traveling and experiencing new adventures (including alligator hunting)! She cherishes time spent with her husband, 3 children, 6 grandchildren, family, and friends.

Lessons by Melanie Black

A special thank you to my favorite veteran, my dad.

He carries moments and memories of long ago that feel just like yesterday. How do I know? Because certain images or words will trigger him and immediately, he will say something in a voice so soft, I hardly recognize it. I’ll look at him intently, trying to listen better and glimpse tears glistening in his …

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