Take 5: Importance of No Surprises

Take 5: Importance of No Surprises

Be the calm amidst chaos. As a leader, it’s essential to remain composed and level-headed, even in the most turbulent times. Keep your cool when it comes to effectively coaching someone through ways to make a decision and how to handle when a “surprise” situation arises.

Discover the power of influence

Studies show that people are more likely to act on a decision if it feels like it’s their own. Enhance your coaching skills with a simple but effective technique: retell their story from a fresh perspective and ask what advice they would offer if a friend were in their shoes. This gentle and empowering method promotes personal growth and empowers individuals to make their own decisions. Don’t miss the opportunity to guide others toward clarity and inspired action. The next time someone seeks your guidance, become their trusted coach and help them navigate their choices confidently.

Start with understanding

 Prevent problems before they even arise by identifying and addressing their root cause. Just like stopping a fire by eliminating the initial spark, understanding why issues occur can save you from unexpected surprises. As a leader, maintaining composure amidst chaos is essential.


Take a proactive approach and implement solutions to prevent future problems. By directing your attention to the root cause, you’ll have fewer emergencies to handle and less stress to contend with. Trust in your ability to handle any situation confidently, warmly, and professionally.


Slow down

 Discover the power of slowing down to unlock areas for improvement. As a skilled leader, relying on just your own perception is limiting. Unleash the potential of a collaborative and united team. Remember, it doesn’t matter who identifies an issue; what truly matters is addressing and resolving it.


Take a moment to reflect: where could you benefit from slowing down to gain a clearer insight into your surroundings?


When surprises happen

 Avoiding surprises is key. But what do you do when someone goes against the rules, and things get messy? Being prepared is vital for your happiness and success.


To prevent this, communicate expectations clearly. Provide private coaching for those who break the rules. Remember, corrections should never be made publicly, whether at work or at home.


Use specific details to help them learn. Be genuine and honest about the facts. The most effective learning comes from specific situations.


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