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You’re not gonna believe it…

We went on a trip to South Korea in 2016, touring with 17 people that had joined us to learn more about the Korean culture and visit Eastern Social Welfare Society to meet some of the people that influenced their own adoption. We have a new family. #korea2016

One of the highlights of the trip was when all the adult adoptees were presented with their own custom designed Hanbok – the official dress in the Korean culture.

Some of the adult adoptees have been lucky enough to meet birth families or foster families for the first time. Melanie and Taylor have met her foster mother before, but this was the first meeting any of us had with her foster father. They lovingly cared for her for almost 5 months and it was an emotional reunion.

This story is about something that happened to us while we were going through the adoption process 30 years ago. It’s one of those stories that you don’t even have to have faith to believe that God orchestrated all the events for Taylor to be in our family.

It’s like my pastor buddy Zane Newton has said many times. “You want God to do something so big, that the only explanation would be a touch directly from heaven.”

A little background:

Once we made the decision to adopt our daughter, Melanie began to keep a journal. That journey began 18 months before we actually had Taylor in our arms in the US – June of 1992.

As with all adoptions, there are many highs and many lows as you go through all the necessary paperwork, meetings and timelines. There are times you question if you’re doing the right thing. There are many times you wonder why it seems so hard. One thing I said to Melanie over and over was this; “Just focus on that moment you hold her for the first time; she will be worth it."

Melanie had many dreams about our daughter during this time, but one morning, she actually woke me up and told me that she saw her eyes open for the first time. In all of her previous dreams, she’d only seen a sleeping baby girl. This time, she saw her big dark brown eyes. As you can imagine, tears followed this conversation.

Two months later, our social worker called and said we had a match and she wanted to meet up with us to review the case.

It gets exciting at this point:

So we drove to meet her at a restaurant and as she pulled out her file, she made the comment that there was a picture of the baby on the last page of the file and to please hold off looking at it until we’d reviewed the entire file.
So, anyone that knows me, knows the first thing I did was flip to the last page – here is what I saw:
To which I said – “She’s ours – when can we go get her?”
On the drive home as Melanie was reviewing the file. She kept focusing on her birth date. Something was telling her that it was significant.
Once we got home, she went to her journal and looked back through all the pages of her notes and found the date of that dream where she saw her daughter’s eyes open and looking up at her for the first time.

Feb 2, 1992 – The date of the dream.

Feb 3, 1992 – was Taylor’s birth day.

There is a 15 hour time change forward between Oklahoma and South Korea!!!

We believe beyond a shadow of doubt – that at the same time God breathed the earthly breath of life into Taylor – he gifted her new mother with a dream. A dream that will forever be etched in our minds and hearts.
What a gift Taylor has been to our family. Our entire family. It is still amazing to think halfway around the world in Korea a little girl needed a family to love and in a small town in Oklahoma, USA a family needed a little girl to love and miraculously God brought us together!
I’m going to end this story here for now. Many more will follow – you’ll need some time to process this one!
Brother Zane was right – there is only one explanation for this!
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