The 5 C’s of a difference maker

If you were to ask any sports recruiter what they are looking for in a potential recruit, they’d tell you that they were looking for a difference maker. Someone that stands out in a crowd, makes the whole team better and ultimately, changes the outcome of the game.

Over the years, I’ve known several difference makers. Some in the business and some in my personal life. And most important, some in my family.

My son Jared Black is a difference maker for sure. Some people light up a room when they walk in, JB lights up a city when he drives in or lands there!

It was while thinking about him that I came up with the 5 C’s of a difference maker because he has these 5 qualities and it’s a perfect leadership lesson for anyone interested in being a difference maker.

Here they are:

  1. Charisma
  2. Curious
  3. Caring
  4. Comedic
  5. Character

John C. Maxwell has a difference makers creed:

I want to make a difference

Doing something that makes a difference

At a time that makes a difference

With people that make a difference

  1. Charisma – I think of this as MOJO – but it’s something about a personality that draws you in. Makes you listen, makes you connected, makes you want to follow.
  2. Curious – always asking questions. Learning is a lifetime quest, and you want to know all you can about as many things as you can for as long as you can.
  3. Caring – you deeply truly care about people. It’s the core of who you are. You are more interested in the person, than what the person can do for you.
  4. Comedic – JB has an amazing sense of humor. That trait alone can relax everyone in a room, feel part of the conversation and makes you laugh.
  5. Character – it’s the part of your personality that defines you. It’s how you act when nobody is looking. It’s a high bar for yourself, regardless of those around you.

If you want to change the outcome of the game, whatever game you’re in – then work on making these same qualities a part of who you are.

I can guarantee you success if you do!