The Laws of Harvest

Take 5: The Laws of Harvest

Through the changing of seasons, my thoughts turn to the Laws of Harvest. Throughout my career, I’ve encountered well-intentioned individuals who fail to understand that the world of business operates similarly. They hold meetings, initiate plans, and expect instant results. However, when those results don’t materialize, disappointment sets in. These experiences have led me to contemplate the significance of intent, process, and expectations, ultimately inspiring me to develop the Laws of the Harvest.

One crucial aspect of achieving success is setting appropriate expectations. It’s essential to recognize that business growth takes time, just like the cultivation of wheat. In Oklahoma, wheat cultivation typically begins in September and lasts until early June, when it is finally harvested. This knowledge is invaluable for businesses, as they must understand the expected harvest season and plan accordingly. Patience is key, especially in today’s fast-paced world where immediate results are often expected.

Investing in the right areas is another important factor for a fruitful harvest. Planting seeds without proper care and resources will not yield bountiful results. Similarly, businesses must invest in necessary systems, training programs, incentives, and equipment to achieve the desired outcomes. It is crucial for business owners to recognize the significance of these investments.

Just like farmers face unpredictable weather conditions that impact their harvest, businesses also encounter circumstances beyond their control. External factors can significantly influence success, and it is important to acknowledge this reality. Shifting our mindset and adjusting our expectations in such situations is essential for continued progress.

In conclusion, understanding and following the Laws of Harvest is vital for achieving success in business. Setting appropriate expectations, investing in the right areas, and adapting to external circumstances are key principles to remember. By doing so, we can cultivate a fruitful and prosperous future for our businesses.

Take action: Evaluate your expectations, investments, and adaptability in light of the Laws of Harvest. How can you align your strategies to maximize growth and success?