What can pine trees teach us?

As I was walking around my property here in the Rocky Mountains this week, all the trees are doing what they do every year.

They grow!

This was a pretty harsh winter with more than normal heavy snow, very high winds on multiple occasions, and some brutally cold temperatures.

All legitimate reasons to stunt growth – but as soon as the weather warmed up enough, and it’s June – all the trees on the property are doing the same thing. They show signs of growth.


Like many things we see daily, this can teach us something about life and leadership if we take the time to think about it.

Here are 5 truths we know about growth:

1. Growth ensures a future.
If you stop growing, you start dying.

2. Growth makes you stronger.
Even at a slow pace, growing ensures you’ll be in the best place to endure tough times.

3. Growth is a team sport.
For the strength of the forest, all the trees need to be growing.

4. Growth allows you to multiply.
The pinecones these trees produce fall to the ground every year, and many turn into trees for future generations.  Animals also help spread them around, and they grow from where they are left.

5. Growth includes letting go.
Let some of the pine needles fall to the ground to make room for new growth. So, let go of those things that keep growth from happening.

I want to challenge you to be like the pine trees and learn the lessons they teach us every year about growth!

What 5 things can you start now on your own growth journey?