What is your rain

What is your rain?

As a part-time farm hand during the harvest seasons, the steps leading to the harvest itself are just as crucial as the end result. The turning of dirt, the sowing of each seed, and the rainfall from the sky all have effects on your harvest.

Dax Graham Black

So, what is your rain?


Growing up, you need the backbone and structure to be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. For example, wheat is a crop grown all over America. It needs plenty of water and the right soil to produce the highest yield. As a young adult trying to figure life out, you need to put yourself in good soil and let your loved ones rain on you to make the vision you have come to reality.

There will always be bad weather through the changing seasons, but only the ones with the strongest roots will persevere through thick and thin.

Be someone’s rain. No one can make it all alone in this world. Let your loved one’s rain on you.

That’s my kind of rain.


Dax Graham Black

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